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ELKO – A local woman who worked for a relative’s quick loan company has been accused of siphoning thousands of dollars a month in profits.

Natasha C. Kolsch, 31, of Spring Creek was convicted Wednesday of embezzlement by EZ Cash and / or KKC Inc. She was charged in April 2017 with 13 counts of embezzlement or, failing that, 13 counts flight, dating from January. until December 2015.

“The total amount of money missing from EZ Cash during the year 2015 is $ 28,368,” said an officer’s report filed with the complaint.

Kolsch was fired from the company in December 2015 after working there for five years, according to the document.

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Her dismissal came four days after shopping with a relative at Walmart, but first stopped at EZ Cash “so she could get some cash.” She was seen leaving EZ Cash with an envelope from which she then produced three $ 100 bills to pay for items at Walmart, according to the officer’s report.

After that, the company’s video cameras were repositioned and Kolsch was reportedly seen removing the bag of EZ Cash from his desk and putting it in his purse. She then went shopping at Raley’s.

She was later recorded removing money from the bag and putting it in her purse, the owner told police. The videotape was entered into evidence.



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