Police hand over two miscreants for using loan using fake documents


Police MP Nagar booked two disbelievers who availed car loan using fake documents; one of the defendants works with an automobile company and assisted in the fraud.

The victim, Bharat Gidwani, is a resident of Bairagarh and has been living in Dubai for a few years and accused Pankaj Sabani, a relative of Bharat, of being aware of the fact. Pankaj used a fake document and used his photo to get a car loan.

The accused was assisted by field agent Irshad Ali of the finance company.

Police said the accused worked with BGS Honda and was friends with Ali. The two hit it off and took advantage of the loan.

The photograph of the accused was used instead of the victim to qualify for a loan in 2021. Later, when the EMI was not paid, the company learned of the fraud.

The victim was informed that a car loan in his name had been taken out by a member of his family.

A complaint was filed by Sunil Sharma of the bank. After a preliminary investigation based on the complaint, the police registered a case under articles 420 and 120 B of the CPI.

Ali was fired after fraud was uncovered and he started working with another company.

The police began searching for the fugitives.

Police suspect the two could have financed more vehicles using false documents and in further investigation this could come to light.


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