Loan debt cancellation invests in our future


Re: Canceling student loans could help more than 40 million people

Canceling student loan debt is not a gift. It is an investment in the future.

When I started my career in early 1974, I worked for a company that designed and manufactured communications equipment for space and military applications. One thing I noticed was that most senior technical and managerial staff had several things in common: they were the first in their family to have a college education, they received their education under the GI Bill, World War II or Korea, and they had certificates hanging in their offices stating that they had contributed to the success of the Apollo space program.

The GI Bill was not a gift. It was an effort by a grateful nation to reward those who gave up so much in defense of the republic to make up for lost time and opportunities. The original invoice was quite generous for the time. It enabled those who had never dreamed of going to college to attend some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country.

After graduating, they got jobs, started businesses, bought homes and consumer goods, got married and raised families and paid taxes. They changed America and helped create the modern middle class. They did these things because they weren’t saddled with crippling school debt. One more thing: they sent us to the moon.

Jesse D. Sheinwald, Boyton Beach

President Joe Biden’s decision to forgive student loan debt draws attention to the prohibitively high cost of higher education.

Anyone even thinking sending a child to a four-year residential college worries about the ridiculous costs of tuition, fees, books, and living expenses. Save a fortune: Take advantage of your local community college. Your kids will have great instructors in small classes, and if they’re not part of the 60% who decide college isn’t for them, they can easily transfer to a partner college.

Accumulating college debt with obscene interest rates makes little sense, especially if the student never reaches the finish line. And don’t assume debt will disappear with the stroke of a presidential pen, either.

Dr. Ted Wright, Planting

Thank you, President Biden, for putting about 90% of the country in debt for students who don’t want to pay their contractual obligations.

Jim Guarino, Sunrise

I’m so sick of hearing Governor Ron DeSantis brag about Florida’s “freedom”. Ask a woman or girl who has been raped by a family member and forced to carry a baby to term, when she is just a baby herself. Not so free to choose your life path, is it? Ask a person of color. Not so free to vote, especially with rigged constituencies.

Ask a history teacher. Not so free to teach the truth about America. We did import, own and abuse not only slaves, but also First Nations people. Country versus being awake ? How is it free? How is knowledge not freedom?

It’s important to know where we went wrong, so we don’t repeat past mistakes. DeSantis twists the story as if it were the fictional world of Newspeak, the famous 1984 book, which he would probably banish.

What is the ban on all freedom of books? Why not start banning books that incite violence and lies, written by deformed people only interested in preserving white Christian domination?

How to muzzle people who try to bring us together, not to separate us, is that freedom? When DeSantis talks about the “freedom” of Florida, he means for wealthy, tax-evading, entitled white people. Not the rest of us. He certainly does not speak for me.

Barbra Nightingale, Hollywood


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