Joel Osteen’s Church to Repay $ 4.4 Million PPP Loan


Joel osteen several million dollars Lakewood Church will reimburse the PPP loan he received for $ 4.4 million.

In December, the mega-church received the massive payment of the Paycheque Protection Program, which aimed to provide financial assistance to businesses affected by the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic that swept the world 2020. Once news of the money started to circulate, many people criticized Osteen and the church for accepting the money, given the pastor’s wealth. Lakewood is the the largest mega-church in the country, with an average weekly attendance of 43,500 faithful.

According to the spokesperson for the church, Donald Iloff, funds donated to Lakewood 368 employees, many of whom were forced to stay at home during containment measures. He claims that Osteen did not receive any money for himself.

Although the loan is forgivable, months of backlash over Osteen’s hoarding and unnecessary receipt of the emergency money prompted the church to pay it back in full.

Osteen is one of the richest pastors in the world, with a net worth of $ 40 million. His wealth was amassed by the success of his 14 book releases and paid appearances. As Chief Pastor of Lakewood, he is entitled to a $ 200,000 annual salary, although he refused it.

Osteen has not publicly commented on the matter.


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