Don’t be lured by an easy loan offer: Police Commissioner


City police on Wednesday urged people not to download mobile apps that offer easy loans and not allow those apps to access their personal information on their cellphones.

Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar told reporters here that Sushanth Kumar’s death on January 10 within Surathkal Police Limits is believed to be due to the harassment inflicted on her after receiving a loan through one of these applications.

He would have written a note about it. “Although there have been reports of harassment through such apps, this is the first such case recorded at the police station,” Kumar said. the country.

“We’re not sure if all of these apps offer easy loans and harass customers. But we have assembled a team of experts to investigate the reasons for Sushanth Kumar’s death. If it really turns out that such applications are actually harassing customers, an appropriate report will be given to the government, ”the Commissioner said.

Mr. Kumar further noted that the majority of these apps do not have the required permission from Reserve Bank of India to conduct financial transactions and therefore people should not subscribe to them. .

While these apps are installed, permission is requested to access the customer’s personal information, including access to gallery, phone book, device information, and location.

Once access to this information is granted, operators could harass customers if they do not repay the loan with exorbitant interest rates, he said.

People should not get carried away by the easy loan offers without any collateral offered by these apps, Mr. Kumar said.


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